Interior Design

A woman in a hijab presents about complementary colors in a workshop, with a color wheel on the screen.


Are you an aspiring interior designer? Master fundamental design thinking and technical skills with LaSalle College Indonesia's comprehensive International Diploma of Interior Design.
Next session starts September 9, 2024
2-3 years (1680 hours)
Full-time, Part-time
Teaching language
English, Indonesian
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A contemporary bedroom with a textured grey wall, a large tufted headboard, white bedding, and herringbone wooden flooring.
Martiano Airlangga
A thoughtful young man in a navy shirt and black pants leans against weathered stone steps of an old building.
Iqbal Deogratias
 A warmly lit café interior with eclectic furniture, featuring wooden tables, plush sofas, and pendant lights, exuding a relaxed ambiance.
Rezki Kurniawan Hadi
A group of individuals engaging with an arcade game, intensely focused on the activity.

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