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LaSalle College Jakarta's International Diploma in Graphic Design incorporates design thinking and creative solutions with core study. Elevate your ability to consider any design problem from multiple angles and find innovative solutions.
Next session starts September 9, 2024
2-3 years (1680 hours)
Full-time, Part-time
Teaching language
English, Indonesian
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An assortment of retro-style posters featuring bright colors and various subjects, displayed on a dark wall above a white shelf with books and toys.
Kendra Ahimsa
 A vibrant assortment of playful stickers featuring rainbows, characters, and positive messages on a pink background.
Martcellia Liunic
Packaging of Nossa! brand organic acai berry mix and smoothie mix, highlighting antioxidant benefits.
Yasmine Yapanala
An eye-catching food presentation showcasing a bowl of red noodles topped with corn and sliced meats, beside a glass of iced tea on a red tray over a blue table.
Deerie Klafstraa
A book with a red abstract cover design featuring cut-out shapes revealing photographs beneath, displayed on a white shelf.
Jordan Marzuki
A bearded cyclist in a red cap tilts his head back to drink water from a bottle, seated on the bar of his bicycle with a green backpack.
Life Behind Bars
A group of individuals engaging with an arcade game, intensely focused on the activity.

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