Fashion Design

A male and a female model posing in contemporary batik-patterned outfits, highlighting the rich textile heritage.


Next session starts September 9, 2024
3-4 years (2394 hours)
Full-time, Part-time
Teaching language
English, Indonesian
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A billboard featuring two women modeling for COTTONINK, a fashion brand, with a slogan "Casual with a Twist".
Carline Darjanto
A woman in a red power suit poses before a mirror with words of empowerment and self-reflection written on it.
Stella Rissa, is a renowned fashion designer and the best graduate of LaSalle College Jakarta in her year. With additional training at LaSalle College Montreal, she has carved a distinct niche in the world of fashion design.
A model named Lenny in a sleek black top and white trousers from the Clemence collection for a chic monochromatic ensemble.
A group of individuals engaging with an arcade game, intensely focused on the activity.

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