LaSalle College Surabaya Design for Maspion Bank

Fashion Design LaSalle College Surabaya took challenge from Maspion Bank to create their new uniform. Selected group of the best students are pitching their ideas to be implemented for the real business client.
Two students happily present their project in a classroom, one holding a microphone, as the other applauds next to a projected display.

At LaSalle College Indonesia, we are encouraging and facilitating students to have real professional experience during their study at campus. One example of this is through our partnership with Maspion Bank.

In regards of Maspion Bank's new branding approach, they come to LaSalle College Surabaya with a challenge: to design a new uniform for their national operation. To answer this challenge, we gather the selected group of students to come with the ideas and put their professional pitching skills into practice.

After submitting their design and developing the mock up, they have to present and pitch their work to not only LaSalle College Surabaya faculty member but also representatives from Maspion Bank of their Indonesia and SEA operations.

The winning design comes from Elaine Vianney Santoso and Shafira Rahmania Ismianti! Not only that their design is being implemented by real business, now they are hired as part-timer to supervise and do quality control for the uniform production.