Graduation Show 2023: Equilibrium

Graduation Show LaSalle College Jakarta is an annual event to exhibit the best works of our senior students. Through these final projects, we are aiming to give new perspective about design iteration and exploration in various mediums and creative disciplines.
Visitors gather at the opening of an art exhibit, with sections dedicated to photography and interior design displayed on the partition walls.

This year, LaSalle College Jakarta's Graduation Show is titled "Equilibrium". The title represents the harmonious and balance co-existence of various creative disciplines within LaSalle College Jakarta's ecosystem. It also represents our vision & aspiration to keep developing LaSalle College Jakarta as a creative hub that nurture new ideas.

In Graduation Show 2023: Equilibrium, LaSalle College Jakarta is putting out a show to highlight the best works from our Fashion Design students, as well as showcasing the best portfolio from Fashion Business, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Game Art & Design, and Artistic Make-Up departments.

This celebration is not only meant for students, rather also a networking platform for all students, civitas academics, parents, and partners to meet and get to know each other and cultivating strengthening the relationship within LaSalle College Jakarta's creative ecosystem. 

Global Alignment

Not only showcasing the best works from our senior students, this year's graduation show has also become a momentum for us introducing LaSallle College International (LCI)'s Education new face. Our new global brand emphasizes vibrant colors and modular design in its visuals, representing the dynamic nature and adaptability of LCI Education and LaSalle College Jakarta in its venture to nurture and grow the next best talents in creative sectors.

The rebranding also correlates with our Graduation Show's theme: "Equilibrium". The theme imbues sense of togetherness in a multidisciplinary creative ecosystem, aligned with our global brand values that put forward collaboration and adaptability. The spirit is represented by individual super graphics that highlight uniqueness of each department and are open for different iterations.