Celebrating Communities, Sustaining Creativities

LaSalle College Jakarta in partnership with Australian Embassy created a sharing session with Australian Designers, discussing the complex and many facets of sustainable fashion in relation to cultural heritage.
A diverse panel engages in a discussion at an event, including a virtual participant projected on the screen behind them.

In October 2023, Australian Embassy invites LaSalle College Jakarta to co-host a sharing session with three of their designer delegates that will be showing at the biggest fashion week in South-East Asia, Jakarta Fashion Week.

There were three First Nation Designers and representative of KIN Fashion that were invited as guest speakers to discuss their approach in leveraging cultural heritage into innovative fashion pieces.

The designers are; Peter Naughton, Alison Geppert, Robert Bob Williams, Josh Deane, and Thelma Austin.

The interesting part of the sharing session is how the practices of First Nation Designers resonates with the practices in Indonesia where many fashion designers are working and innovate with local artisans. We also discuss how this practice is actually a more wholistic approach to develop sustainable fashion.