A group of five young women, including one wearing a hijab, attentively focused on a laptop screen, collaborating on a project in a classroom setting.
A group of five young women, including one wearing a hijab, attentively focused on a laptop screen, collaborating on a project in a classroom setting.

About Us

LaSalle College Indonesia is a pioneer in its league.

As a part of LCI Education, LaSalle College Indonesia consistently produces future designers and actively contributes to Indonesia's creative industries.

Founded in 1997, LaSalle College Indonesia has 25+ years of experience nurturing up-and-coming creative talent, and shaping the future of Indonesia’s creative ecosystem by focusing on vocational education, world-class curriculum, and direct access to the inner circles of creative industries nationwide.

Located in Indonesia's two megapolitans, Jakarta & Surabaya, LaSalle College Indonesia offers learners a dynamic and vibrant creative ecosystem with great accessibility.

Why LaSalle College Indonesia?

A focused tailor sewing with an industrial machine, fabric pieces on her workstation.
The World is Your Classroom.

As part of an international education community of higher-education institutions, LaSalle College Indonesia seamlessly paves the way to continued study abroad through our pathway program.

Learn from the pros and hone your creative skills

LaSalle College Indonesia's lecturers are industry experts up-to-date on the latest trends

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Unparallelled access to industry

Immerse yourself the industry through inner-circle expertise from day one of your studies

Industry-based learning

Our vocational approach emphasizes industry-current practicality, relevance, and best practices

A group of five young women, including one wearing a hijab, attentively focused on a laptop screen, collaborating on a project in a classroom setting.

Our mission

As a proud member of the LCI Education community, LaSalle College Indonesia is dedicated to delivering exceptional higher education and to supporting future generations of designers to meet job-market demands, foster personal growth, embrace globalization, and make an impact on society.

Our core principles

A lecturer pointing to a projection screen with technical drawings, in a classroom with attentive students.
Empowering future generations of designers

We are committed to nurturing future generations of designers so they can thrive in fulfilling careers.

Young international team of colleagues in a design studio working on a paper sheets. Discussing plans and making forecast. Confident red hair girl explaining plans to others.
Forging global citizens

We empower learners to become global citizens who value diversity within international professional standards.

A makeup artist applies special effects makeup to create a realistic injury on an individual's face.
Enabling forward-thinking creative talent

Our curriculum encourages learners to innovate and solve societal problems through forward-thinking design.

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Pioneering learning innovation

We pioneer education by embracing AI, encouraging experimentation, and enhancing tech agility.


LaSalle College Indonesia holds dual accreditation:

  • Bachelor's degree accreditation from National Accreditation Body for Higher Education,
  • Lembaga Kursus dan Pelatihan (Training & Course Institution) Approval from the Ministry of Research, Higher Education, and Technology of Indonesia.

These accreditations enable us to provide an extensive array of diploma and certificate programs in various creative and vocational fields.

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