Beauty and Body Care

A smiling hair colorist with vibrant pink hair applies dye to a client's blue hair in a bright salon.
  • Close-up of a human eye with vibrant blue and pink eyeshadow, glitter, and orange mascara on eyelashes.
    Artistic Make Up
    Become a professional make-up artist with a wide range of skills. Acquire the ability to convey a story, develop a character, and enhance beauty through your brush strokes with LaSalle College Jakarta's Artistic Make-Up International Certificate.

    • Starts September | January | May
    • On-campus | Jakarta
    • Taught in English, Indonesian
    • 8 months (660 hours)
    • Full-time | daytime
    Artistic Make Up

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A white colonial-style building with a red-domed roof and arched doorways, flanked by potted plants under a clear sky.
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A detailed close-up of a man's face, featuring his eyes, nose, and mouth with subtle shadowing and an earring on his left ear.
Ashta, the unique art & commerce space