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Education is in our DNA

Teaching is one of the finest professions in the world. The sharing of knowledge also includes people like you who are associated with the faculty and contribute to the dissemination of knowledge in their own way.

Thanks to a collective agreement that is constantly at the forefront in the world of higher education, our teachers enjoy working conditions that give them greater flexibility and autonomy as well as enviable social advantages!

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    Development and fulfillment
    Growing is learning! Do you thrive on challenges? Here, you will have the opportunity to reach your full potential and experience professional growth.
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Why work at LaSalle College Indonesia?

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    Sebuah komunitas internasional
    Work and grow in an environment that is open to the world. Meet people from all over the world, share your ideas and broaden your horizons.
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    A fast growing network
    LaSalle College Vancouver is part of LCI Education, which has been named one of Canada’s Best Managed Compani